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The staff at Cardinal Property Management, Inc. understands the importance of communicating with our associations and unit owners. Our primary objective is to relieve an associations' Board of Directors of the day-to-day management responsibilities and establish them at the level of decision makers.

Enforcement of by-laws, rules and regulations, and (as directed) instruction of legal action, are key communication aspects of Cardinal PMI. Notices, newsletters, arrears letters and information packages are issued as needed to keep all owners advised of the operations of the property. Cardinal has a state-of-the-art communication system in place, ensuring that you will receive a timely response to all telephone inquiries. We guarantee that all calls needing additional assistance from our team will be answered immediately or within three business hours.


Confidential e-mail correspondence is part of our daily routine, fitting in nicely with the busy schedules of many of our board members. Cardinal has the ability to scan documents to Board members the same day they are received.

Scheduled Board Meetings

Regular board meetings are an integral part of every townhome, condominium and homeowner community. A member from our staff will attend all regularly scheduled board meetings subject to the individual terms and conditions of the management contract. 


If at any time a unit owner is in violation of the governing documents for the Association, we will notify them at once. All notifications to violators will be issued in the form of a letter which will include a copy of the violated governing document page.

Copies of Declarations and Rules & Regulations

If you would like a copy of the governing documents to your Association, they can be obtained from Cardinal PMI. The processing fee to obtain them is $75.00, paid by the requesting party. This request can be submitted via the 'Contact Us' tab on this site.


Make your monthly assessment payments one of three ways:

  • Direct Debit - with your signed authorization we will auto debit your checking account. There is NO CHARGE for this service. You can find the authorization form under the Services tab.
  • Pay online - click the Services tab to pay with a credit card or e-check.
  • Mail your payment - to the address on your monthly coupon or to our office.

Important message to unit owners:

Please do not make your monthly assessment checks payable to Cardinal Property Management. Assessment payment checks must be made payable to the name of your Association.

Delinquency Notices:

All delinquent accounts are issued a notice and 'statement of account' three business days after the assessment is due. Cardinal acts upon the governing documents of an association as well as under the direction of the Board of Directors when applying late fee charges to a unit owner's delinquent account.

Accounts Payable

Sound Financial management demands that the timely payment for monies owed be a priority. At Cardinal, all accounting is handled in-house by our professional accounting staff allowing a timely response and resolution to all questions and issues that may arise.


All bills are date-stamped when received. All vendor invoices are reviewed and paid upon job completion. We require that Association Board members give written authorization for large project invoices to be paid, ensuring that the work was done according to specifications.


Associations are not required to purchase checks for each bank account held. Cardinal has the ability to print your checks through our property management software including all needed identifying accounting specifics as well as the micro-encoding necessary for your bank's processing system.

Accounts Receivable

The management of monthly assessment collection is a function we perform routinely. With our computerized reporting, board members are in immediate touch with the financial status of the association.

Coupon Books: Each unit owner would receive on coupon book containing twelve payment tickets. On ticket is to be sent in with one month's assessment payment.

Lockbox Payments: For Associations of 40 units or more Cardinal Property Management offers lockbox payment processing. These payments are deposited directly into your Associations bank account each day. This is the most secure and efficient way of processing your Associations funds. 

Monthly Assessment Statements can be issued if desired. Statements will be issued two weeks prior to the first of the month. All statements will include a detailed history of any delinquencies on the account. All assessment payments are date stamped immediately upon receipt. The payments will be recorded and deposited into the Association's bank account by Management. Your association is free to do business at the bank of your choice.

Delinquent Accounts: Management will forward any delinquent accounts to the Association's attorney. We will then update the board on delinquent accounts at the following Board Meeting.

Delinquency Notices: All delinquent accounts will be issued a notice and statement of account three business days after the assessment is due.

Accurate and timely financial reporting is essential for efficient property operation. Cardinal PMI is staffed with skilled professional administrators and supported by the leading industry-related computer software for all accounting and administrative controls. This ensures generation of a highly readable and accurate monthly report, showing record of every income and expense that affects your property.

Financial Statements

It is our priority to have monthly financial statements completed and ready for delivery by the 20th of each month. Financial reports are customized to the individual need of the Association's Board of Directors. The following reports are available monthly to the Board members:

  • Balance Sheet
  • Profit and Loss Report
  • A/R Aging Summary
  • Copy of Invoices
  • Monthly Check Register
  • Reconciled Checking and Savings Report

Summary of Additional Financial Responsibilities

  • Collect fees and assessments
  • Record and deposit all maintenance fees
  • Record and report NSF charges
  • Collect delinquent accounts
  • Prepare and send arrears notices
  • Prepare annual operating budget for approval
  • Reserve account analysis
  • Manage the investment of reserve funds
  • Manage the bank operating account
  • Process all supplier invoices, issue checks and obtain required signatures for accounts payable

24-hour Emergency Service

Our company maintains an after hours telephone service available for emergency calls from board members, unit owners, tenants, building staff and superintendents. Our on-call emergency service is available 24-hours a day, seven days a week at (708) 532-4444.

Cardinal also takes the necessary actions to safeguard buildings in the event of a catastrophic occurrence.